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About Candelax

Candelax was established 2009 to support the idea that a simple everyday product used worldwide for centuries, could help to eradicate the parasite (mosquitos) that infects and can kill millions of people each year with Malaria and other diseases (WHO website 2012 statistics). That simple everyday product is the humble candle. Each year candles are used all over the world for multiple purposes whether to use in an emergency to light a room, or for religious practices, to scent a room or to create the perfect ambience to romance that special someone. Candelax has a range of massage candles as well that aids in the recuperation of the body on a vast multitude of levels. Whatever the purpose candles have become an everyday item used in everyday activities, so why not use it as both a lifestyle product and one that has the potential to save millions of lives every year. This thought was behind the beginning of the Insecticandel Mosquito Candle.

The Insecticandel Mosquito Candle will be regarded in different ways for different purposes by different cultures all over the world. In certain countries and cultures it would help to create the perfect atmosphere for outdoor entertaining whilst not being the main meal or in some countries for being the medical product that would save a young child from dying a horrible death from such diseases as Malaria.

The Insecticandel mosquito candle is the first in a range of products which will enhance the lives of everyday people from lifesaving protection to setting the perfect ambience in an outdoor setting. The candle is infused with a special core that when heated at the optimal temperature releases a insecticide to mosquitos, sand flies and midges, smoke and odour free formula into the immediate area, essentially creating a protection barrier from hungry disease ridden mosquitoes. Breaking the mosquito life cycle of biting and infecting humans will help to reduce the infection of woman, children, men and entire families in many countries where these diseases are a daily danger for families.

The formula used in this candle has been subjected to rigorous testing in both Australia and overseas to ensure:

New formulation candle with vegetable wax infused with Insecticide

There is no toxicity to humans, pets or unborn babies

Can last for hours, days, or weeks

Efficacy & Field Trial tested in QIMR Australia, VCRU Malaysia, NIMPE Vietnam

100% knockdown 100% mortality

There is no smoke or odour

No citronella involved

This product is aimed at reducing the appalling symptoms associated with mosquito borne diseases, a problem that affects people worldwide, which is why we have located our manufacturing plant in a central accessible country being Malaysia. Under the professional and skilled management of Steve Boey (Head of Research and Development and Manufacturing) we are able to ensure swift, quality, cost effective manufacturing and distribution, thus allowing as many people as possible to access this product. Whether it be for lifestyle purposes or to help get through each day and night without the risk of contracting Malaria, this product is a must for all people living in the Mosquitos world.